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If you find a better price on another platform - then just take a screenshot - and email us. On our website we guarantee the cheapest booking method! Thank you very much.

21 days before departure 5% Discount

10 days before departure 10% Discount

5 DAYS before departure 20% Discount


it just pays to plan your vacation early....

3 MONTHS before departure 5% Discount

9 MONTHS before departure 10% Discount

24 MONTHS before departure 15% Discount


Cancellation conditions

We know from experience that despite all the joy of a booked holiday, there can always be something in the way at short notice. And especially in such uncertain times like these, the cancellation conditions become an important point when booking.

Here our flexible Cancellation conditions for summer 2022:

Cancellation is free of charge until 31 days before arrival. (Also the deposit will be refunded).

Between 30 and 7 days before arrival, 70% of the total cost will be charged.

From the 6th day before arrival 90% of the total cost will be charged.


In the event of another pandemic LOCK-DOWN, you can cancel at any time free of charge and of course you will get your deposit back. Even if at the time of your stay a travel warning for the Ötztal in your country should be issued, we will cancel free of charge and also return the deposit to you.

If our cancellation conditions are still too strict for you at the moment, you may find that taking out a policy with our partner Europäische Reiseversicherung is the right thing for you.

We recommend as precaution for cancellation, early departure and mountain rescue (incl. helicopter rescue) the Hotel Cancellation Plus or the extensive Hotel Cancellation Premium insurance (incl. accident benefits), which you can obtain simply by clicking on the button "Europäische Reiseversicherung" complete the process.

NEW: Despite the pandemic status, the Europäische Reiseversicherung will provide insurance cover for Covid-19 illness from 29.5.2020! Details about this concession can be found here

For each booking the booking conditions of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply


Apart Relax

IN THE HEART of the Ötztal

Längenfeld is located in the middle of the Ötztal and therefore perfect to reach ALL places in a short time. Whether skiing, swimming, climbing... Everything can be found in a short time.