Off on holiday

We protect you -
we protect ourselves!

Our team is highly trained, we strictly adhere to all regulations and we have a prevention and hygiene policy, as well as a COVID 19 officer. The most important points to consider when you come to us (subject to official information):

  1. Tests on arrival: Tested- Vaccinated - Recovered: Guests must present a negative, valid (max. 48 h) test result, a vaccination certificate or a confirmation of a Covid 19 disease they have been through upon arrival (in addition to the usual registration/registration).
  2. If and how on-site tests - and if so, where exactly - will be carried out, we are still informing.
  3. Validity: Self-tests with digital solution: 24 hours, Antigen test: 48 hours, PCR test: 72 hours, Recovered persons: = up to 6 months after the disease. Vaccinated persons: from 22 days after first vaccination up to 1 year.
  4. Green digital passport: The green passport will probably be available from June. But when exactly this, digital, EU-wide passport will come, we cannot say for sure at the moment.
  5. Quarantine: There are new regulations according to ECDC map for risk areas: green/yellow/orange: free entry. Red: no quarantine if persons are: vaccinated, tested, recovered. Dark red: like red plus quarantine with free testing after 5 days. Further info.
  6. FFP2 mask obligation: for guests entering generally accessible areas (reception, play lounge, other public areas) Children between the ages of 6 and 14 only require a tight-fitting MNS. Children up to the completed 6th year of age or persons who cannot be expected to do so for health reasons are excluded.
  7. Basically: 2 meters distance to other guests
  8. Limited number of people for the sauna area - but the sauna will be open!
  9. MNS obligation for employees with weekly test verification or FFP2 mask obligation

We assure you that we will do everything in our power,
to make your stay with us as safe and pleasant as possible!


Here now our new MEGA-flexible cancellation conditions: - Up to 2 days before arrival - free cancellation. (Also the deposit will be refunded) - On the last day before arrival 90% of the total cost will be charged. Let's look positively into the future and just hope for the best...can't hurt ­čÖé