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Apart Relax

In the heart of the Ötztal

Here you can find photos of our beautiful apartment house and the surroundings of the Ötztal.

Apart Relax

Apart Relax SPA

Apart Relax Play Lounge

The Ötztal

In the middle of the Ötztal

everything for your dream holiday

In the middle of the Ötztal, unimagined expanses open up. Framed by the granite of the mountain flanks, Längenfeld with its villages Huben, Runhof, Oberried, Lehn, Gries and many more welcomes its visitors with an inviting gesture. As an entrée, an atmospheric landscape spectacle opens up. Extensive snowy meadows lie between the giants of the Ötztal and Stubai Alps.

We look forward to welcoming you to our company!



Family Haid and Kammerlander

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In the heart of the Ötztal

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everything for your dream holiday

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YES, the picture is not quite up to date.
YES, the snow is here. (don't worry)
And YES I should have posted it a long time ago 🙂 .
...but a family picture of the young AX crew always goes, doesn't it?

Rebecca & Matthias with Livius and Lorin are on the road not far from Apart Relax! Here it is always super nice to walk - no matter what time of year!

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Time together is the most beautiful time!

Whether as a couple or as a whole family - spend the most beautiful time of the year, together with your loved ones, with us at Apart Relax.

We are looking forward to your inquiry

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Thanks @ratko_grafikdesign pamsl14 @tomkam32 @kammerlanderp @patriciariml @ to the whole family 🙂

Time out = family time = fun time = action all day long! 😅🙈

We enjoy the time out and just let us drift through the day, or rock! 👍

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