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Loyalty bonus for regular guests

Repeat offenders, beware!

Already from the 3rd stay

For a long time we have been thinking about a regular guest bonus program. What can we give as supplements, sweets and bonuses? What do repeat offenders get, what do guests who are here for the first time get!

Hmmm ... We spoil you from the first day of your vacation. Even if you are only with us for the first time.
Every guest will find a fully equipped Apart, which is additionally equipped with an iPad and other gadgets, which will make your holiday uncomplicated and relaxed. Here is the exact list of what you will find on your Apart.
If you come more often, of course, you are entitled to another treat - but what else?
It's very simple. On site you will find the usual standard again.

As always - we are - we want - we give.

For further bookings there is a repeat offender percentage bonus, which directly affects your wallet.

From the 3rd stay (with at least 3 nights each) there is -8 percent off the next booking!

When do I become a regular?

True to the motto all good things come in threes, "THE MAGIC 3" must be fulfilled: 3 stays with at least 3 nights within 3 years.
With the 3rd stay a small attention already awaits you in your room.
There is a certificate for this 😊which proves that you are now entitled to the -8%!
We hope that you will use this bonus diligently.

Kind regards
Rebecca and Gaby
Your AX_Team